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HEAR LLC includes a testing arm of the company that performs various product testing and custom experimental design and testing. Contact us for a quote.


HEAR LLC's scientists have conducted hundreds of spectral attenuation tests to support the EPA-required labeling of hearing protection devices for the NRR and associated attenuation values, over a period of 30 years.  The company is positioned to provide these and other tests associated with hearing protection device performance.  Over and above the provision of ANSI-standardized tests (e.g., ANSI S3.19-1974, ANSI S12.6-2016, ANSI S12.42-2010),  HEAR LLC's scientists have vast experience in developing custom experimental designs for evaluation of specific product performance issues.  Particular specialities include the evaluation of auditory situation awareness impacts of hearing protectors, speech intelligibility with HPDs and communications headsets, and user comfort perceptions.

HEAR LLC can provide 3 options to establish a comprehensive, flexible real-ear attenuation at threshold (REAT) test system for hearing protection testing.  This HEAR LLC REAT test system is intended to enable a customer to efficiently and inexpensively perform their own in-house NRR and spectral attenuation testing, in support of product development efforts as well as the NRR and spectral attenuation data that is required for product labeling by the EPA.

Version 1: Complete Hardware and Software System with installation into a customer’s reverberation chamber, comprising a turn-key system with full calibration at customer's facility.  (If a reverberation chamber is needed, one can be provided for an additional fee.)

Version 2: Hardware and Software, comprising a turn-key operating system, with setup and calibration on-site provided by customer.

Version 3:  Software package alone, intended to be integrated by customer on-site to control an existing audio hardware system.  This Version may be most beneficial for those customers who have experience with audio equipment and its calibration, or who have an existing REAT test system for which the control software needs to be replaced with more modern control and recording software.


HEAR LLC  works with clients to design and conduct custom in-field and in-laboratory human factors experiments to test prototype or production products in realistic environments.  Head-to-head product comparisons can be provided, on both objective performance metrics as well as user preference and comfort metrics.