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HEAR LLC provides design services, including the design and fabrication of prototype eartips, earplugs, and earphones, as well as other devices. In addition to design and prototype fabrication services, including rapid prototyping, HEAR LLC can also provide patent protection assistance with each design, including drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications.  Dr. Keady is particularly experienced in earphone and eartip design, prototyping and testing, and in addition to having two PhDs in the sciences (physics, computational acoustics), he also is a Registered Patent Attorney with several hundred awarded patents to his name on a variety of technologies.  Drs. Casali and Lee are both experts in human factors as well as acoustical testing of devices both with test fixtures and human subjects, enabling quick refinements of designs.   Dr. Casali has been awarded patents for various inventions in hearing protection, hearing-assistive devices, in-vehicular signals, and power wheelchairs, including two patents having been commercially developed.  He also has consulted on several corporate product designs in different fields of use, with respect to human factors and acoustical considerations.  Dr. Lee has extensive experience in the development of both hardware and software for complex systems, including a REAT test system for hearing protector attenuation, and together with Dr. Casali, a portable loudspeaker array-based system for aural training of soldiers and law enforcement for auditory situation awareness.  Additionally, Drs Lee and Keady have extensive software prototyping experience that can be used to develop prototype software is various languages and platforms (e.g., C, C++, MatLab).  Below are graphics of samples of devices developed by HEAR’s team: